Drew’s book promo for Wildflower is full steam ahead.

Larry David is wearing George Wallace’s leather jacket because baseball fans are slightly superstitious.

A “ladies drink for free type scene” ha. And this is the most youthful and fashionable I’ve seen a Calvin Klein dress look in ages.

Do you think other fashion people just seethe with jealousy when these two are around? Or are they too busy fawning? I bet even Anna Wintour is nice to them.


Hey girl hey

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I thought Kelly Osbourne was Meghan Trainor here.


#SneakPeek #2

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It’s the day after Back to the Future Day. Now what?

OK he does really have dreamy eyes.


Dreamy eyes aka @NickJonas is here tomorrow.

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Eddie Vedder for Casamigos. Yes, that Eddie Vedder.


Tonight's starting line-up looking good for the Cubs and Casamigos. #EddieVedder #Cubs #HouseOfFriends

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