Selena looks really goid.


Having the best trip. Europe I just love you.. 🙈☺️hur did by @lonavigi -face did by @byjakebailey

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The only #TBT photo you need: the Stiller family in New York.


#TBT We were such a happy family. #awkward #verticalleap #nycinthe80s

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Impatiently waiting for Lenny Letter – this is not your “artisanal preserves and alpaca wool blankets” celebrity newsletter.


Lana Del Rey at Urban Outfitters is the epitome of brand synergy.


See you tomorrow at Urban Outfitters Space 15 Twenty in Los Angeles signing some records xx

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Behind the scenes with Blake and Michael Kors.


...My face when I get to slip on a rhinestone, spandex, electric red jumpsuit on an idle Tuesday. #GiddySpice

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Empire viewing party – did you watch last night? The Mr. T line KILLED me.


Do you think the Xenu crew monitors Leah’s social media? You know they do. And she doesn’t give a flying f-ck, which makes me love her.


So wait, Juliette Lewis doesn’t want to talk about Brad Pitt? And to make that point clear she put a video on Instagram that mentions Brad Pitt? (NSFW language.)


Your weekly reminder that JLo has this on top of her on a regular basis. I am never not outraged by the waste of her hotness.


Double time today. Boxing then 24 hr. Going hard.

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