Um, I really hope this is a fake tattoo because that is pretty hideous.


Halfway and ouch

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Victoria Beckham as a minion.


What can I say? I was inspired x vb #Minions

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David Beckham defends his parenting style – honestly next to vaccines and circumcision, soothers are a hot topic. Moms (and a lot of dads) get pissed when they see a kid with a soother, and it gets heated. Know-it-alls treat it like people treat smokers. Why can’t you just quit? Just take it away and throw it in the garbage! Oooh aren’t you smart, bet you had your child potty trained after 3 days, too.


The casino security guard doesn’t want to hear Rita Ora singing either. I love how her friend tries to explain who she is. If it needs to be explained, then it’s not worth explaining, right?


Rocco Ritchie is 15!


Dwyane Wade’s t-shirt is perfectly draped, I wish I could get mine to fall like that.


Summa summa summatime... #StraightOuttaComptonPremiere

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Last week Chelsea Handler ran out of passport pages, this week it’s Lorde and Jack Antonoff. It’s an epidemic! (And you can get new pages just added to your passport, right?)


This Vivienne Westwood jumpsuit is ridiculous and I want it.


My bringing home baby outfit. vivienne Westwood jumpsuit and Isabel Marant sneaks #themindyproject

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