I don’t usually get excited about celebrity pregnancies, but I adore Chrissy Teigen. She can do no wrong for me, and that includes bellycupping. See? I really, really love her.

Kanye is 100% right on this! In-purchase app purchases on kids’ games are bullsh-t and annoying. And then all the angry moms jumped on him for letting his kid use an iPad.

I’d be so pissed if my dinner was delayed because Jimmy Fallon was f-cking around in the kitchen. The man is a pill.


Helping out @danielhumm at Eleven Madison Park #ALLIN

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Do you think Julia reigns in the ME ME ME around Salma? They are contemporaries in the bitch-face department. There is no way Julia is lecturing Salma.

And the mason jars wept: Preserve’s curtain call.