Alex Pettyfer has started a production company and is publishing a YA novel. See Lainey, he has a sensitive heart!


You've been asking me what I've been up to... well, here you go! Part 1 of my announcement..... 😊

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This week’s Lenny Letter is about Lena’s Halloween costume trials and tribulations. That Louis CK one is accurate but terrifying.

I feel that way about Adam Levine too, Blake.


Blake has always been a very supportive friend.

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Um, I don’t know a thief and a liar is the best source of motivation.


Rise #imandaily

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The NY Post and Marc Jacobs are at war.

John Legend has a wine now. No idea why.

I want to ice grill with someone, preferably Nicki or Beyonce.

Lindsay Lohan, hard at work as usual. Does this girl ever get a break?

Yes your puppy is cute Guy Ritchie but where is Charlie Hunnam?


New dog

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