Posted by accident? And are her lips on fire or something? What’s with all the fanning? I CAN’T with this one.


my favorite video of all time @lizgillz. (p.s. this was totally posted by accident 🙈🙈😂😂)

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The word “whup” makes me laugh. I don’t know why, it just does.


Salma Hayek has the best Paris Fashion Week photos. There’s “all access” and then there’s “I own everything, including you” access.


With Mia and Stella #parisfasionweek

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Reese and Ten in Santa Fe. With the Draper James sell attached, always.


Blue steel and deep thoughts from Ian Somerhalder.


Looking out at the world at 35,000 Ft right now. As I look down and see our world, the structures we have created such as the buildings and the roadways I wonder. We have created such immense infrastructure to live comfortably on this planet, to prosper seemingly happy as our little world quietly spins through space... But are we happy? It's a question I'm asking myself right now after shaking a few thousand hands in the last 24 hrs. Hands attached to bodies that seem to be smiling. But sometimes if I go to their social network comments you'll find something completely different... I then log onto a news site, social media platform, or see the headlines on the papers as I strolled by them in the airport or in my hotel; mayhem, death and greed. Why and how, as a society, a civilization that is more advanced and more educated than anytime in history, state of the art I think we call it, are we so seemingly so unhappy toward one another and as a new result of technology: spewing our insecurities, pain, discontent and pure unwarranted rage into social media? All the while hiding behind our screens and our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook handles? We need some help I think. It seems we spend most or all of our time running around trying to find validation in anything- a new car, a new house, friends, family, clothes, Instagram likes or seeking commonality with others by spreading hatred on the social sphere, in our schools, our work places and even sometimes in our homes-all places in which we all now live. Do you think we need help? A spiritual and mental cleanse of sorts maybe? Or what about just quieting some of the noise an asking ourselves: Am I happy? I just read an incredible article that really gets into this and beautifully illuminates a place to come from regarding this-and a place to possibly go. I'm sitting next to the woman that wrote that piece and I truly truly truly encourage you to read it. I have 5 times: it's important. How does this sound:A diet for your mind?Read this piece by a true new voice of a generation, I think it will make you think... Or better yet, feel. It's truly AMAZING...

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Bounty’s response to being trolled by Seth MacFarlane is actually pretty funny for a paper towel corporate Tweet.

The only kind of sandwich acceptable in fashion – a Karl Lagerfeld/Chanel sandwich. No bread, obviously.


What a wonderful sandwich @chanelofficial

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Amy Schumer is ready for SNL.


1st day at SNL!

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