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Help @natefillion raise funds and awareness for a GREAT cause at represent.com/nathanfillion ! #SuperCastle? #CastleNatural?

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Hello Instagram.

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Twitter feud! Tinder fighting with Vanity Fair is like a kid coming home from college for the holidays and fighting with a conservative uncle about immigration policy.

A butterfly in Malibu.


Malibu #EnjoyedYa 🌊🌴@airbnb​

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Does taking the Jitney to the Hamptons (to probably stay at Gwyneth’s house) qualify as riding the bus?


So, Amber Rose brought her son Sebastian to his dad, Wiz Khalifa's, concert last night. Are they reconciling or just trying to be more conscious in their uncoupling/co-parenting? And yes I care about Amber Rose! I’m still perfecting my theory about her being a pop culture feminist trailblazer.


My Greatest Gift

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Naya Rivera has been pregnant for about 3 years (it seems).


And on that note, getting to wear slippers at this shoot was the best!

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Ariana Grande won’t give up that ponytail.


Your reaction to this post is a good gauge of what type of celebrity you would be – take selfies with fans or tell your security to push them out of the way? JLo posted this note, with a smiley face, and did indeed follow this fan on instagram. If I received this note, I would call the FBI. (Or, in Canada, CSIS.) She is genuinely nice. I am Tommy Lee Jones.


Ok :)

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