“What the f-ck am I supposed to do with this? It’s not even peeled.” – what that kid is thinking.


Do you know how many times I’ve had a young person try to explain Snapchat to me? What is it? I am too old for this bullsh-t as well, Blake.

Is Ice Cube wearing a leather blazer?


The best Johnny Depp has looked in a long time.


// SAUVAGE // The new fragrance by Dior. Wild at heart. Coming September 2. #diorsauvage

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Here’s a game of Hollywood telephone, 2015 style. Chrissy Teigen is close with Erin Andrews, who is dating hockey player Jarret Stoll. Jarret used to date Katie Cassidy. Katie questioned Erin’s job performance on Twitter, and Chrissy jumped in to defend her, and Dana Brunetti (producer of 50 Shades and House of Cards) then spoke up for Katie, who was his girlfriend at the time. Judging by his Instagram, they had a messy split. Now he and Chrissy come face-to-face and the “crazy water” is under the bridge.


Nice seeing old friends @chrissyteigen. #CrazyWaterUnderTheBridge

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90% of Guiliana Rancic’s Instagram feed is devoted to showing people how much she eats pasta. And burgers.


Somehow, it gets better every time @rpmitalianchi 🍝🍷🍴

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Just a reminder that JLo lets him get on her on a regular basis.


On a Tuesday......

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Do not try to set up a lemonade stand in the Hamptons or your neighbours will call the cops on you. Did they suspect the lemons were not organic? Did they add sugar? What’s the charge, officer?


This Empire shoot for Vogue looks incredible.