Beautiful models and actresses love to call themselves “awkward”. Oh my god all I do is play video games and eat cheeseburgers all day and did you see the way I dance, I’m SUCH a nerd!


Hahahahhaahshahhaha @bellahnews #eatingasalad #interviewing #and #thisawkwardVideo all happening at once I cant hahahaha

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“Exclusive” and “Rita Ora” – isn’t that an oxymoron? And of course she has to name drop, how else would she get anyone’s interest?

I missed this earlier this week but I can’t let Kristen Stewart’s picture for Mario Testino’s towel series pass by without a mention. Has anyone read the new, gender-swapped Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined? I’m in the middle of The Engagements and Look At Me is on deck, but I’m almost curious enough to start it.


TOWEL SERIES 91, KRISTEN STEWART. #MarioTestino #TowelSeries

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Cindy Crawford has no shame with that Casamigos bottle. Does she carry one around in her purse all day? (Or more likely her assistant’s purse.)


Late night ride in Memphis. Better make it back home before midnight!

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Why does Carrie Underwood always look so dated? This album cover could be from 2002.


Look what I got!!! So exciting!!!!! #Storyteller

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If they ever remade Back to the Future (blasphemy, I know) Aaron Paul could totally play Marty McFly, right? (Lainey: NO.)

Superman is on Instagram. Even caped crusaders need social media because, as Sarah has said time and again, Superhero Face Punch absolutely must make money. And they know it.