Is John Mayer subtweeting the Katy/Taylor feud? Have they traded their passion for glory?

It’s not enough to go see Hamilton, the most coveted ticket in New York, you have to Instagram a photo from backstage like Lena and Brad. Major Broadway FOMO.

W Magazine did six covers for October, and I love this one of Julianne Moore because it reminds me of Boogie Nights.

Drew Barrymore is in France researching wineries. Has anyone tried this wine? I would buy it if I saw it on the shelf, I don’t know why.


Good morning! #earlyrun #vinyardcardio #reserchtrip for @barrymorewines #France

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Gigi and Kendall get to witness the Williams’ sisters.


idiots at the Open 😛

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Does the cake taste as bad as the music sounds?


Transformer Maroon 5 cake. I was literally JUST thinking about how cool it would be if it actually existed. And BOOM.

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Elie Saab does not warrant this much sass. If she said “bitch is wearing Tom Ford” I’d get it.


Mirror Mirror on the wall...bitch be wearin' Elie Saab. #jessicasimpsonten @jimmyfallon

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Just a reminder that JLo lets this get on her on a regular basis. How is this possible? He looks like a cement block, but with less personality. I’m just going to throw this out there: JLo and Jon Hamm.


Kitty Kat

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