Jimmy Fallon had an eventful year. THR posted a story on the top 10 shows on social media in the news/variety category, and no surprise, The Tonight Show came first. The bits are perfectly suited to sharing the next day (because who watches nighttime TV at night anymore?). But there were also a few (literal) missteps: the falls, the injuries, the rumours. What will 2016 look like for Jimmy?


Thank you to the nicest people at Serendipity 3!!! Starting a new family tradition. #FrozenHotChocolate

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John Mayer is very much in the spirit of the holidays. Is he at a dog party? Why does Santa have a dog face?


Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays from Moose, creepy dog-faced Santa and me. 🎄❤️

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The look of $$$$love$$$$.


#icantski #skilesswonder 🏂🎿

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Did you get a holiday bonus, or maybe a box of chocolates from your company? Lady Gaga got a horse.


Some are predicting that 2016 will be the year the First Family of Famewhoring will be overthrown… by the Hadids. They have all the right elements: wealth, fame, high-profile divorces, massive social media following, a spot on a reality show, interesting social lives. It could happen. Why not Gigi and Bella?


❤️My shining star, my guiding light....... @bellahadid Thank you for being you!!!

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Rachel had a baby! Shiri in real life. UnReal is on so many “best shows of 2015” and I couldn’t be more thrilled – but also kind of nervous for a sophomore slump.


Glad to welcome home Owen Lee Shook. #5daysold #alreadycrackingjokes #1800gotaboy

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