Corniest and possibly greatest iPhone signature ever.


Actually the best email I have ever received!

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Chris Pratt is really a sweetheart -- he's like a puppy. An uncomfortably hot puppy.

Combine workout selfies with mom selfies and you get the eye-roll inducing hybrid "mom doing yoga with kids" photos that are all over Instagram this week. 

Garth Brooks and Mike Fisher serenade Carrie Underwood.

When models post party shots and video on social media why does it always have this weird, forced energy to it? 


Good times with @alessandraambrosio 👯

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Jesse Tyler -- the only male lifestyle celebrity? Interesting. 

I was thinking about Patrick Dempsey and how his career has been revived/saved by the rom-com, first with Sweet Home Alabama, and now with Bridget Jones. It’s like he was built to be the possible second option to a heroine’s true love.


Edward little the red Eddie's

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On Lainey's orders, I'm not supposed to show this to Duana, but it's her book birthday week. She deserves to see it.