IT’S ON. This was posted to Zayn’s Instagram feed, not Gigi’s. Do you see why I named him one of the best of 2015? He came to play.


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She’s right, this is fun, harmless publicity for everyone, even Steve Harvey. Usually the only time beauty pageants make headlines is when the contestants answer questions about U.S. Americans and “the Iraq.”

I love the way Brooklyn teases his dad.



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I wouldn’t have pegged Jessica Chastain as someone who uses the word “bling.”


Gift wrapping with a little bling on hand #happyholidays #merrychristmas @piaget

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Elisabeth Moss is feeling nostalgic for one of her co-stars.


God I miss working with that snowman.

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Lenny Kravitz is the only person who could ever pull off this shirtless/overalls/chunky wood necklace look.


Giving my sax player Michael a cooking lesson.

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Hilary Duff went for the lob.


Soooo it's pretty short. Thank you @cynthiavanis chopping😘

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Getting a giant block of cheese for Christmas would be amazing. But where would you keep it? I don’t have a cantina and it looks big enough to last for years.

Imagine having to buy a Christmas gift for Salma Hayek? Impossible, you would think. Whoever came up with this idea deserves some special credit.