Dave Annable tries to use the force for good, or something (I don’t know, I’m not a nerd like Sarah). His real metaphysical power is that, with a beard, he looks like Ryan Gosling. He should harness that into something.

A rare Mary-Kate sighting, courtesy of Bob Saget. Her skin looks really, really good. That’s some 29-year-old “I can smoke as much as I want” skin. It doesn’t last forever.


Mary Kate and Tyrone sharing secrets. I presume he was proclaiming his love for her. #HandToGodBway

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Mom-and-daughter date with Dakota, Kate, Goldie and Melanie. I think the moms are probably the wild ones in this bunch, like when they go out for dinner and Goldie and Melanie have a few glasses of wine, Kate and Dakota shush them because they giggle too loudly.


Goldie, Dakota, Kate and me having some giggles in Aspen! Mother-Daughter times are the best!!! ⭐️💥🌟⭐️💥

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Since today is Annual Gingerbread House voting day check out the one Neil Patrick Harris and his adorable family sent Elton John.

At some point over the holiday break, you will be asked to help your parents with their cellphone. Accept it.


My dad is mad that his cellphone has been, 'acting up lately.' #homeforchristmas

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Chris Pratt, Russ Wilson and Ciara visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital together – love this. Russ Wilson is there every Tuesday, often with Ciara if she’s in town.