Earlier today, Lainey wrote about Leo in St. Bart’s for New Year’s Eve. Kelly Rohrbach posted this to Instagram, so maybe she joined him. Serious bonafide status.


sun's out, tongue's out #meandmypooch 🐶

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Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele got engaged this year, but Nick Kroll and Amy Poehler broke up. I could totally see her in this picture though.

JLo always finds her light. She’s not the first person you see in the photo, but once you notice her everyone else looks a little dull.

The chin strap is grounds for separation.


Goodbye cruel world. He's driven me to madness by shaving this "chin strap" and I gotta disappear for awhile.

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I wonder if Barbra Streisand shops for her son in her mansion’s underground mall. Have you read the story of the mall she had built in her house? Please, please do. There’s a candy shop she serves her guests ice cream out of.


Happy Birthday dear Jason. Love you, Mom. P.S. See you at dinner.

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Thirsty is right.



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