I want you to tell me the goddamn truth… you’ve never heard of Mozart in the Jungle either, right?

“Oh wow 14 seconds, gee, oh ok wrap up….”

Um where was Taylor Schilling last night? I saw Uzo and I saw Laverne, but I would like to have seen this tux in motion.

I thought that you weren’t supposed to hold other people’s awards because it’s bad luck? Or is that rule just for Oscar? Or is winning an acting award not a consideration for Jaime King? Interesting dress though.

I knew, somewhere in my mind, that Emmy Rossum was engaged to Sam Esmail, but I had never quite put it together until last night.


Fiance βœ… Golden Globe βœ… Milkshake βœ…

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What could Brad and Selena possibly be talking about? Next week, one of the lower tier tabloids will be saying they were flirting or Selena was trying to arrange a reunion with her good friend Jen. Because the triangle won’t die.


just discussing #TheBigShort πŸ“Έ-@agentoh

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