A blond Adam Levine with the Broad City cast. And playing a pilot?


This crew is a SITUATION.

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Heather McDonald and Chelsea Handler are now in a full out war of words – Chelsea said Heather’s disloyal and desperate, Heather said Chelsea’s mean and dishonest. Courtney Love jumped in (because of course she did) –Courtney and Chelsea both dated Andre Balazs. Back in 2012, Courtney called her a famewhore, dumb, and told her to go to rehab, while also saying Balzas is more despised than Trump in New York (source). So this is tame.

Seeing this, I would definitely take a restaurant recommendation from Blake Lively – I love Bao Bei in Vancouver. One of my favourites. They don’t take reservations, and I feel like Blake would have had to wait for a table like everyone else. It’s that kind of place.


Best meal in Canada. Best mama in Canada.

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Lily Aldridge keeps working through acupuncture. But does she work in the bathroom? That is multitasking.

Emma Watson is wearing a great suit to launch the HeforShe IMPACT 10x10x10 Initative in Davos. Grown up but still fresh. And the shoe is manageable but doesn’t have that kitten heel curve.

Dirty Grandpa’s reviews are ranging from awful to horrible, which led me to this really great piece by Anne Helen Petersen on De Niro’s acting legacy and how it’s not cool to like him anymore. It’s an interesting read.

Tim McGraw celebrates a national – international – treasure. (No, it’s not Mimi.)

Do you think she asked her mom to appear on Lip Synch Battle with her? I totally would.

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