Danny McBride took a photo of Josh Brolin, presumably on the set of The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter. Do you think Josh and Danny sit around and trash talk actors who fake New York accents?


Straight ahead @joshbrolin

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Look away, Sarah. And Blake, aim higher.

The Anniversary Party reunion. Love this movie, but haven’t seen it in ages. It’s basically a film about conscious uncoupling way before its time. Gwyneth was so annoyingly great, too.

But where was her lighting tech? Why would she even get in an elevator without one and risk fluorescent exposure?


#elavatorlighting my new Christmas book comes in handy 🎄🎁✨

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Yes Colin Quinn called Tina Fey the c-word, and yes they are both over it.

“But are you sure the President has been replaced by an evil clone bent on world domination?” Yes, he’s sure.

Lindsay Lohan is asking for free clothes on Instagram.


Attached: Mariah Carey arrives at the Beacon Theater in NYC last night.