Best attendance is so an award Ryan Seacrest would win.


that time I won *best attendance* for Dunwoody Wildcats football

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Even though it’s the antithesis of everything I enjoy, I’ve always wanted to go to a fancy ranch where you pay a fortune to drink green juice, sit in a sauna and go hiking.

Riley Keough and Kristen Stewart look a lot alike, right?


Scat man @sweetsuzieq @isitmeurlooking4 👽💀👻

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Imagine how angry everyone would be if Karlie Kloss won Powerball.


I lost powerball AND the @stlouisrams are leaving St Louis 😢

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Dog owners love to show of their breed. It’s a specific kind of pet parent narcissism. (Lainey: true. BEAGLES RULE.)

Remember Scott Storch? So mid-2000s/Paris Hilton era. And he’s still wearing the same sunglasses.

Chris Evans is a major Jim Carrey fangirl.

See, this is low-cut. But still not scandalous


#TBT. On Set Of #IBet. Love This Hair and Makeup ❤️

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