I haven’t watched Inside the Actors Studio in years, around the time Will Ferrell started to parody it and James Lipton was too into the joke. I will try to watch the Girls cast because I wonder if it will be illuminating or just a retread of the many, many conversations about this show. What else can be said?


Started from the bottom now we're here Started from the bottom now my whole team fucking here

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Lea all casual with her upside down guitar.


Felt so cool taking this pic with my guitar until a certain someone informed me the guitar was upside down.

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Driving Ms. Henson. Look at that profile – she probably slaps his hand away when he tries to touch the radio.

Thank you to everyone who tweets me about Randall. I agree – he is the best part of the show. 

Apparently Camila Cabello (who? no idea) violated a Squad Rule and changed the caption on her Taylor Swift birthday photo from “wine drunk conversations” to “conversations with milk and cookies.” Does this mean all the baking is code for booze? Do cupcakes really mean tequila? And what kind of drunk do you think Taylor is? I’m guessing super affectionate and weepy. (Lainey: I'm guessing mean and snarly.)

Um, I have a new Gossip Genie wish. 

Millie Bobby Brown with David Beckham – she’s 12, Cruz is 11. Do kids that age have playdates, or is it too hormonally weird?

Jamie Foxx commented on this photo – twice. I love that. 


Happy birthday @Iamjamiefoxx Love, Barbra. (Backstage after our show with Patrick Wilson in Miami, last week.)

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More Teyana Taylor in 2017, please.


Mood. @teyanataylor at the #BeatsxAlexanderWang private event.

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