For all the decadence of the 80s, he looks the same and she looks just as good, if not better, today. There must have been magical anti-aging properties in that blow.


#throwbackthursday With my #80's #queen Demi Moore, at the opening of About Last Night.

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Selena is back to work, and is OK with everyone knowing she’s back at work.


Music and love.

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The only way this song can keep my attention is if a weathered rock star releases a Christmas song retread to challenge Cruz Beckham for the #1 spot in the UK.

I know we already have too many celebrity “lifestyle experts” but you know who would be really great at it, especially in newsletter form? SJP. She has an amazing eye, is extremely detail-oriented and doesn’t seem to give a sh-t about chasing trends. I’m just not sure if she would do it.

Jerry/Garry and Retta going to Chris Pratt’s Passengers premiere is basically the only good thing that happened this year.

Peak C-list Twitter activity.

Cat Marnell’s How to Murder Your Life comes out in January – it will be the first hot book of 2017.

Judging by this photo, these two have no chemistry. Surprising.