This is the pajama set of my nightmares. First off, its sports paraphernalia. Second, the top isn’t a pajama top, it’s just a t-shirt. Third, and most critical, is that the top is black. I can’t sleep in black pajamas or on dark sheets. The good thing about that is dark sheets are not very popular, I’ve never come across them in a hotel. No one wants to sleep in a dark, cavernous hole.


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Stumped on what to buy the Wilmer Valderrama fan in your life? Finally, a solution.

I’ve don’t relate to Serena Williams in my life because she is one of the greatest athletes to ever live and I cheat on the gears in spin class. But on this I understand. It’s a special kind of desperation that drives you to buy homeopathic water drops at the drugstore at 10 p.m. on a Monday night. 

Rob Lowe’s emergency provisions: burgers and pasta. 


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Hilary Duff has really great eyebrows.


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A Christmas Story Live’s ratings were low, and the social media reviews were brutal. A Christmas Story is not my go-to at this time of year, but a lot of tweets took issue with it being a musical. So was it really bad, or are people just pissed that a childhood classic was changed?


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Speaking of Christmas movies, I am shocked at how many people have not seen The Last Holiday. I Google Grandhotel Pupp at least 3 times a year.


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I love Twitter reaction-shot tiles. This one in particular.

The New Yorker’s Christmas tree is the most New Yorker thing ever. 


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“P.S. Outfit and stationery is Draper James for those asking!” Bless her heart.


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