A younger(er) Angie Harmon looks a lot like Kendall Jenner, right?

Suri Cruise is 10. By many accounts, she does not have much of a relationship with Tom, who may be moving to Florida. Does she get a birthday call from him? A card? I wonder if he’s the type of clueless adult who sends a weird gift that no 10-year-old would want, like an electric toothbrush or set of encyclopaedias.

Josh Duhamel made a snow day in LA, obviously inspired by the classic Beverly Hills, 90210 “A Walsh Family Christmas” episode.



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Happy Holidays for the three of us who watched October Road.


Happy birthday to everyone's best friend @geoffmstults

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Please let Barbra Streisand’s birthday post for Steven Spielberg be a guiding light for all these young celebs who think they are being sly with their attention-grabbing “Happy Birthday” foolery. This is how it’s done: he’s walking ahead, but by being slightly behind him, the eye is naturally drawn to Babs. He’s looking to the side, and she is looking directly at the camera. The small details make a difference. And the caption: who else can call Steven Spielberg “little bro”?


Happy birthday little bro.

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Um, who is asking for a Scrubs reboot?

Tara Reid still lunches at The Ivy. Then she popped over to Kitson for a pair of bootcut 7 jeans. Will she run into her nemesis Paris and Lindsay at Hyde tonight? Stay tuned for more updates from 2005.


With my bff at the ivy! #truelove @shizzy66 @drbentalei @bernardomachado0 @biancavierra

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