Neil Patrick Harris’s 73 Questions for Vogue. He is kind of huffy, in a way that I love. Like when he sighs and says, slightly annoyed, “Do I have to rate them?” Or his reaction when Emma Stone and magic tricks are mentioned, and how he makes a point to say that bedtime story is not singular in his house. He also has a guest book and apothecary drawers with gifts for visitors. 

The Bündchen/Brady tree is definitely getting replanted. 

I dropped off Nurse Jackie for a very long time and recently watched the final season. It feels like one of the shows that would have benefitted from a much shorter run – like 3 seasons instead of 7.

The photos of Richard Marx helping to restrain a passenger on a Korean Air flight are bananas. (Yes, his wife Daisy Fuentes took the photos. Yes, he’s married to Daisy Fuentes.)

Does Margot have a pear-shaped diamond?


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When you’re willing to risk it all for an apostrophe. 


Taking everything in my body not to jump off this bridge to fix this apostrophe crime.

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Yesterday I gave a shout-out to October Road, today it’s The Mysteries of Laura. I’m a treasure trove of short-lived, easily forgettable TV show reunions.

I think I spotted a lemon tree, or at least an ornament.


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