In a chaotic world, it’s nice to know some things make total sense, like Adam Levine and Sammy Hagar’s friendship.


Two happy singers toasting to a higher spirit. #santomezquila #partytime #mezcal #tequila #newspirit #dropshot

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Do you think they will spend New Year’s Eve together?


You know you're cool if I break out my starry top for you.

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An episode of Celebrity Rehab has more stars than the upcoming inauguration.

“We’re all family” until someone gets a backpack in the face. Or do only short people have to eat it?

Everyone is talking about Dear Evan Hansen. I’d have to confer with Duana, but I think great year for musicals.

This is queued up in my iTunes.

Remember when people had enough energy to get fired up about Balthazar Getty’s daily routine? He never wakes up before 11, maid brings him breakfast in bed, works on his music till 3 a.m. It was one of my favourite celebrity profiles of the year.

Billy Eichner has had a YEAR. His show is so funny, so subversive, so smart, so off-kilter – if your family starts to get on your nerves, this is the binge watch to match your energy. I’m off for the next week… Happy Rihannakuh to one and all!