A Brett Ratner dinner party. I’m going to guess that he served steak with the sides, like creamed spinach and mushrooms and potatoes. Warren doesn’t strike me as a picky eater – he enjoys the California Pizza Kitchen.

The Bellas are back - and is it bad that I don’t remember any of Pitch Perfect 2? I’ll still see #3.


#PP3 #Bellas Day One Pitches x

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It’s Irina Shayk’s birthday and I guess she will be doing the hide-the-bump dance. Have she and Bradley ever walked a red carpet together? Maybe she’s saving it for a special occasion.


T LIFE . That's all🌴#2017

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I only have three points of reference for Chris Pine: I saw him outside a haunted house once, he cried juicy tears at the Oscars, and he dated Vail from Vanderpump Rules.

I’ve heard “Asian” is beautiful this time of year.

This is my Hamilton. (Just kidding. Kind of.)



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