Have you been following the drama surrounding Noah Galvin? He gave a very frank, juicy interview to Vulture; you can read it here. Colton Haynes clapped back, and laid out the best signature ever. (Galvin has since issued an apology.) Boy sh-t!


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Be real -- if Adele dedicated a song to you, you’d post about it on social media, too. I’d have it engraved on my tombstone.


All i ask = The most beautiful song I've ever heard....... And she dedicated it to me 😝😝😝 @adele #loveyou #friends

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Same goes for seeing Hamilton twice.

Is Shay Mitchell famous? I had a vigorous conversation about this with a 20-something. I say no, she said yes, because of her social media following (and not necessarily Pretty Little Liars). I slot her in with the Bella Thornes and Rita Oras. What say you?


Bring towels. #UnderYou #LYWC

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Ashton’s still trying to play Steve Jobs.


Spent the day with Moto launching #MotoMods

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Sorry if this grosses you out but Lainey needs to see this.


Delightful find, they are mittens for when you... Ya know. ;)

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She’s 43, why is everyone acting like she’s 104.

But how clean is your own house, boo?

Camilla Alves launched an organic baby food line (DUH) and Anne Hathaway thinks she’s an angel. So is Camilla giving all the food away or….? What’s so extraordinary about this, I can buy organic baby food at Starbucks.


Yes, there are angels among us and @iamcamilaalves is one of them!! So proud of you for launching #yummyspoonfuls!!

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It’s hard to believe there’s a whole generation of kids who probably have no idea what Freedom ’90 means.