According to Entertainment Weekly, this is not totally true. He’s still under contract. But in the age of spoilers, it’s not a bad strategy.

I could not be more sick of Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. YOU TWO ARE NOT THAT ADORABLE.


🎤CAN'T STOP THE FEELING🎤 @gregwilliamsphotography

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The voice of a generation turns 30.

I hate this dress, but I like the shoes.

Nothing like a good old scolding from a celebrity. His charity work is important, but let’s face: at this point, Orlando’s fame currency is the women he dates. If he wants to use that fame for charity work, great. But it’s not a zero-sum game.

Apparently Rita Ora “quit” the X Factor. What a devastating loss.

Scott Eastwood’s “punch me” face is still exceedingly punchable.


in LA this morning doing a little work. #thehustleneverends #imstealingthiscoffecup

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