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Vanity Fair published an article yesterday about celebrity divorces including interviews with Laura Wasser, who recently represented Johnny Depp in his divorce from Amber Heard, and Neal Hersh, whose clients include Brad Pitt and Halle Berry. The piece opens on two delicious blinds: one client of Laura Wasser’s asked for a baby weight loss clause built into the pre-nup as incentive for his wife to get thin again before she could receive her bonus which is gross on top of gross. Neal Hersh had a client stipulate in a pre-nup that one of the parties was allowed to cheat but the other was not. And the one who wasn’t allowed to cheat actually went ahead and signed it.

What I also found interesting is what Laura Wasser had to say about how pre-nups come about in the first place. She insists that it’s often “the client, their business manager, their entertainment attorney, or one of their parents” who initiate the process of the pre-nup. So this is what it’s like to get married in Hollywood: your business manager or your FATHER might be involved in pre-managing the possible dissolution of your marriage.  

Most of the rest of the post is similar to Laura Wasser’s Bloomberg profile earlier this year when she had all of us speculating about possible post-Oscar splits. She does make a comment, though, about why some celebrity divorces go south so quickly. In her mind it’s a combination of the celebrity’s personality and what their attorney wants to project: famewhore stars will pick famewhore lawyers, a shot, presumably, at Amber Heard’s team. But that’s not unexpected. Johnny’s divorce didn’t exactly work out the way Johnny wanted it to work out.

What’s new is how Laura Wasser broadly categorises celebrity divorce styles. Musicians, athletes, and actors all have their own divorce flow. The way she describes an actor’s inclination to “take direction” in a divorce kills me. Like even when their relationships are ending they have to be playing a part. That said, all of them have one thing in common: they all want to talk to her about the sex. She doesn’t give a sh-t about the sex but they all need to share about the problem of the sex.

And finally, everybody claims they hate pap photos and tabloids. But when the tabloids print pap photos that they can use against their exes, well in that case, they don’t mind so much. Convenient, non? Click here to read the full article at Vanity Fair.

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