I posted the other day about that corny Daily Mail story on Brad Pitt and his sad songs and sad art. Right after that PEOPLE followed with a similar – though maybe less “sad”-focused story – about Brad’s “new hobby – sculpture!”  The next day, Wednesday, PEOPLE then reported exclusively that Brad and Angelina Jolie are talking again and that he’s been happier, because World War Brange is no longer being fought in public, and that he’s been spending more time with his kids, even Maddox and Pax.

And now, today, PEOPLE is back with yet another Brad exclusive. Here’s the headline:

Brad Pitt Isn't Dating — but He’s Rekindled Old Friendships After Split, Source Says

And here are the main points in the story:

Brad Pitt is becoming more at peace with his newfound single life, but he’s in no rush to enter the dating world.

Recently, Pitt has been “in better spirits” since weathering a difficult split from Angelina Jolie in September after 12 years together. As the two work with a private judge to resolve the divorce and custody, “things are definitely calming down,” an insider tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue.
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But moving on with his love life isn’t a priority, sources say. Instead, the actor, 53, has been enjoying a low-key social life and reconnecting with pals.

“He often has friends over,” says the insider. “Old friends are back in his life, and he seems happy about it.”

And the two-time Sexiest Man Alive has been working out almost daily. “He’s lost a few pounds,” says a second source. “He’s in very good shape.”

It’s PEOPLE Magazine, celebrity friendly. It’s a full week of pro-Brad messaging which means the sourcing is coming from his team. And Angelina Jolie was the media manipulator? Come on, now.

TELLING us that he see his kids though is different than SHOWING us he sees his kids, though. One of the most basic rules in entertainment – and life, really – is that SHOW is always better than TELL. When you’re in a writer’s room, you’re only telling the story (through dialogue) if, for whatever reason (budgets scheduling, technology), you can’t show us. So… is Brad telling first until he can show? Or is he telling because he can’t show? And what’s behind all the telling this week? Is it because Angelina was out there last week with their kids looking so happy going about her humanitarian work and his people felt like they needed to recalibrate the situation? Is it in preparation for a major re-entry? Or is it a preemptive move to butter up the public, get us thinking positively about him, in the event something not so positive is revealed?