Celine Dion…the all time Queen of Cheese with her family in the pages of the new Hello Canada. As usual, Celine does not disappoint. Celine always delivers – vocally, professionally, and cheesily.

The photos are delightfully Dion – she looks amazing and refreshed and very, very happy and prettier than she ever has…and of course she couldn’t resisting throwing in some Cheese flavour. Check out the one of her posing by the truck. The lunge, see? The patented Celine lunge?

Love, love, love.

And finally the article – a great dishy read. She says she is a devoted mother, which is why she chose the Vegas gig to begin with. So that Rene-Charles would not have to live out of a suitcase. So she performs several times a week and then she comes home at 2am to tuck him in. That is his bedtime. And for them it’s normal. Also normal?

Her relationship, of course.

With usual Celine candour (ie. WAY too much information), she reveals she’s only had sex with one person – of course it’s Rene, her love, her everything, her soulmate. Can you hear her?

She also insists that SHE was the aggressor. She says she fell in love with him early, had been in love with him for 8 years before acting on it. Apparently she would kiss his photo every night and tuck it under her bed. Then at 20, she finally came on to him and they’ve been together every since.

Trust me, I feel a little sick too. But that’s Celine you know? She’s nauseating but… you can’t help loving her anyway. Hello Canada on newsstands tomorrow with more great photos inside.