La Fromage Celine was supposed to play two shows in Halifax next year as part of her upcoming tour. The shows have since been cancelled either because of inadequate facilities or because the people of Halifax don’t want her cheese.

Some say it’s because the venue could not accommodate Celine’s tacky stage but Celine’s geriatric husband claims it’s because public sentiment in Halifax was largely negative towards his wife’s performance. Having hosted the Rolling Stones last year, the people of Halifax apparently aspire to a higher standard in music.

But how can you deny this?

Check out Celine’s brilliant rendition of the ACDC classic You Shook Me All Night Long last year in Vegas. From the opening lunge to her air guitar riffs, it is at once horrific and hilarious. I promise - you will lose your sh*t and perhaps understand why Halifax was less than welcoming.

Or maybe Halifax was shortsighted? But seriously… isn’t the world a better place, and a funnier place, with Celine in it?

Am attaching her classic Oscar white suit, worn backwards with a fedora. Now that some time has passed…is it as atrocious now as it was then?

Click here for the clip. Thanks Amanda!