Written by Duana

This woman. This – woman. She is so fantastic. She is not here because these are all her lovely celebrity friends – she is here because she was invited, requested to do a job. You know what her job is? Her job is “to sing the ‘Smile’ song to commemorate those who have died”. Celine is here at the Oscars to usher along our mourning and by God she will not let her people down. Her people need her.

But - there’s just something so fabulously pragmatic about her. She will show up on the red carpet as required, answer the requisite questions about her twins, rock a surprisingly awesome dress (on the carpet, I cared less for the taupe one she wore inside) and then, that’s it. You will not see Celine at an event again for another six months. Vegas, sure – she goes on in two weeks.

But she’s such a huge star that she actually doesn’t need to get photographed anywhere, or pay attention to anyone, or pretend she likes anyone as much as she likes herself and Rene. Which is really the best reward for being as famous as she is. Isn’t it?

Photos from Wenn.com and ROBYN BECK/GABRIEL BOUYS/Kevork Djansezian/Gettyimages.com