How about some Celine on a Wednesday? You love it. I love it!

Celine Dion took her tour around the world last year. She gifted her voice to millions of people and they gifted her back with love and devotion, mesmerised by her bedazzled crotch. What? Yes. The trailer. See if for yourself.

Celine Dion: Through the Eyes of the World will hit theatres next month. CELINE IN THEATRES.


You’re going. I’m going. We’re all going.

Because you have never heard a song until you’ve heard a song sung by Celine. You have never loved unless you’ve loved with Celine. You have never FELT, until you’ve seen how Celine feels.

This clip will MAKE YOUR LIFE.

I mean there’s a furry animal in the first 5 seconds. And she serenades poor kids. And when she points her finger and tilts her pelvis to the heavens you will fall to your knees and weep. WEEP.

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