Mimi’s Cheese is coming up soon but first…

You’d have to be humourless not to find joy in these photos of Celine Dion and her family at the Knicks game the other night in New York. What happens when the chest thumping lunge happy most expressive French Canadian fromage brings her amazingness to a sporting event?


Frame after frame it’s gold.

Have you ever seen anyone emote like Celine at a basketball game?

The agony, the ecstasy, she finds drama in every foul shot, in every layup, she pours her heart out to everyone, even the cheerleaders, and of course to a mystified Chris Rock who must be thinking – why does this bitch keep telling me to FEEL?


We are blessed to have her.


Have you seen this?

Photos from Anthony J. Causi/Splashnewsonline.com