What a wonderful way to celebrate American Thanksgiving -- with the highest quality French Canadian cheese. Better this than the sad smut situation that Gabriel Aubry’s involved in.

Celine Dion was in Germany yesterday to collect her Bambi Award. Look at her, holding it as though it were alive, like it could converse. And she would, you know? Celine would have a proper conversation with that statue, in lunge position. It might even end up on the next installment of Celine Dion Is Amazing. She really, really is.

Celine changed twice last night for a total of 3 outfits. On the carpet it was grey J Mendel. On stage, during her performance, it was Versace. And while accepting her award, it was Elie Saab. And chances are, she bought them all herself. I imagine this would have set her back at least $20K. Celine is one of few celebrities who does not habitually accept free sh-t. She has said, on a number of occasions, that when it comes to clothing, if she likes it, she’ll buy it, because she can afford it. I hate acknowledging celebrity behaviour that is, by our standards, an obvious and a given, but in comparison to many of her rich ass peers -- though Celine is richer than most -- Celine is not a cheap ass. It’s one of my favourite things about her. And there are many.