This is what happens when you make Celine Dion share the stage. She doesn’t have enough room to lunge! Celine of course performed during the MJ tribute with Usher, Jennifer Hudson, and the Country Bitch. She could have also performed during the Haiti piece with Mary J Blige and Andrea Bocelli singing Bridge Over Troubled Water. In fact, we were wondering during our live blog if she was harmonising from her seat. I was actually expecting her to Kanye that motherf-cker and insert herself into the number. Would have died happy and on the spot.

And here’s another moment I’d have sacrificed much to witness. Click to see.


The head tilt to the side is making my life. Also, when was the tea service? This is what Chinese people do at weddings to honour their elders.

Photos from Kevin Winter/Christopher Polk/Gettyimages.com and Wenn.com