I have a problem. It’s a serious problem. My problem is this:

Mimi is my JOY. My Butterfly JOY.


Celine Dion is the JOY.

Celine in Paris has been the Miracle Joy. (She loves miracles. She talks about miracles like Mimi talks about moments.) Almost every single day, Celine has brought the Miracle Joy as soon as she steps out of her hotel – in the form of her outfits, is her expressions, and now, today, with her car.

Look at her.

Look at her popping out the roof of her car to bless her public. And it’s mutual gratefulness, you know?

Because as I have written over and over again, Celine FEELS deeper and more than anyone in the history of feelings has ever felt before. Celine actually owns – like trademarked and licensed – all the feelings, every single one of them. They belong to her. They beat in her heart and come out of her face.

What are feelings, after all, if they are not shared. And Celine? She SHARES.

She shares in the front row at fashion week when a fashion show, for Celine, becomes not just a presentation of clothing but an opportunity to showcase feelings. If you haven’t seen this page yet, please fill the void in your life.

As Duana pointed out when I sent that link to her yesterday, “She's reacting into the camera. I mean, she knows the camera is there, and is directing her reaction there. But not in a fake way, just in the way that that's what you do when you're Celine - the camera is there as our avatar, so that we can experience it with her. She's doing it out of generosity!”