It’s been the summer of Swoki AND the summer of Celine. And we’ve been blessed with so much Celine. Celine who never disappoints.

As you know, Celine is fashion’s newest star. She’s turned every outing into a fashion show. So now all the fashion people are paying attention. VOGUE is paying attention. And they caught up with Celine the other day in New York for a game of This Or That.

And even though it’s just a game of This Or That, Celine being Celine, she never half-asses anything. She’s taking This Or That as seriously as most people take job interviews. Or depositions. Look at the intensity she puts into these answers. There’s singing, complemented by a thousand different facial expressions. And there’s a choice between two Canadian Justins….

Interestingly, Celine went with Bieber over Trudeau. Which I wonder, is it because she doesn’t want to get political or because it is, actually, political?

Whatever. It’s Celine. Celine being hilarious. Nothing can take away from that joy.