C’est fini! Celine’s Vegas run is officially over and, as expected, because she is Celine, she exited the stage with an extra helping of super cheese overload giving her fans what they came for. Only Celine Dion could perform on a stage with Santa Claus riding a bike.

And only Celine Dion could screw her face into these expressions without bursting out laughing. I’m particularly fond of the shot of Celine presenting a rose to her son Rene Charles. Look into her eyes. Can you feel the miracle of love?

Naturally, Celine was “overcome” several times during her performance. One of these moments has been captured on camera.

In the end though, no matter how nauseating she is, you have to love a woman who believes so earnestly in the Hallmark message. Who unabashedly lives out every cliché:

"Work like you don"t need money,
Love like you"ve never been hurt,
And dance like no one"s watching."

Gag! Celine Forever!

PS. Save your emails about her kid"s hair. Not interested. Who says boys have to have short hair?

photos from Splash