Celine Dion showed us her New York catwalk yesterday. Last night she was on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Many of you have been emailing me this video all day. And I agree. It’s pure Celine joy. I’ve attached it below for those of you who haven’t enjoyed it yet. It’s not the singing that gets me. It’s her “acting”. Like the way she pretends she doesn’t know what’s going on and she’s only just heard of having to do this for the first time even though OBVIOUSLY it was all cleared ahead of time. It’s always as though she’s in a really bad play and the doorbell rings and instead of just getting up to see who it is, she puts her hand to her ear to make sure the audience knows that someone’s about to come in. I love her for this.

But the musical wheel is not what sent me over the edge. What sent me over the edge was seeing Celine on The Today Show with Kathie Lee Gifford. Both of them lost their husbands in the last year. And it’s super sad… until the end. The payoff comes at the end, and I don’t want to spoil it for you because if you haven’t seen it, and you have a heart, you’ll be hysterical. When she starts singing, I f-cking lost it. And I haven’t stopped laughing all day. I’ll still be laughing about it in 10 minutes, when I leave to walk home, and it’s stupidly hot outside and I might pass out from heat and misery.

It’s been an incredible week in gossip. Thank you for coming here this week to share in it. Celine is the perfect person to cap it off.