Hush, now…

She’s pregnant. La Grande Fromage, Canada’s ambassador of cheese Celine Dion is having another baby. Rene-Charles is 8. And of course we all knew, she told everyone, about the child waiting for her in the lab when she was ready.

Well she’s ready.

And now you must be ready.

Be ready for the gush.

Be ready for her happiness.

Because no one feels like Celine. No one loves like Celine. No one lunges, thumps, pumps, and performs like Celine.

I love Celine. SO much. I love her Extra. Her Extra is amazing.

And in the age of Twitter and Facebook and all news all the time, can you imagine Celine, the queen of OVER-informing, can you imagine Celine’s play by play pregnancy?


It would make my life.

The baby is moving. A single tear has left my right eye.

The tear is has reached my chin

Oh Rene-Charles! He has caught the tear in his finger and will use it to moisten a petal on the single red rose. It’s almost blinding me…

This is a file photo.