Celine Dion was in Vegas yesterday to promote The Celine Dion Collection – bags and accessories … WITH FEELING. As you can see, she was wearing her feelings. And, primarily, the one feeling she’s taken ownership of: LOVE.

Her heart will go on. On her jacket.

But this is a great outfit, non?

It has been a year since the passing of her husband. And in that year, Celine has emerged, “stronger”, as she says. Stronger because Rene gave her his 50%:

"When he left, he came inside of all of my kids' hearts and mine, he gave the rest of his 50 percent for me to be complete, to continue the rest of my life, to feel strong and to believe that I can still do this and he will always be with me."

Seriously, not only does she feel feelings more than anyone else has ever felt feelings, she even talks about feelings better than anyone else can talk about their feelings. Please note the way she enunciates her feelings in every word, every pause, every statement delivered like it should engraved in stone, preserved in perpetuity. Also…it kills me that now and again she’ll throw in a “man” at the end of her sentences.

As for her collection, I would take a look if I had the opportunity. Celine has exquisite taste. Not just this year because she’s been working with a new stylist but even from before, Celine knows LUXE. Almost as well as she knows her feelings.