Of Vegas.

It’s Celine.

She’s back at Caesars for a multiyear run that will reportedly earn her $100 million. Last night was the kick-off. Obviously I wasn’t there, but judging from the photos, well, it certainly looks like Celine was Celine. And maybe even with a few new moves?

Am currently obsessed with what appears to be a gesture from the half-hip – check out the photo of her in the black dress with the generous slit as she’s throwing one side of her body into some kind of gyration. Come on now, you love it so much.

Any lunging?


I see a mini-lunge with the mic stand, don’t you? She’s also sticking out her tongue. Because Celine is wild and crazy and goofy and life is so unbelievable and crazy and wild and goofy …la la la!

Never however lose yourself in the wild and craziness of life. Otherwise you might miss out on the moments of love and miracle-ness. These moments often overtake our Queen, and you can see them, all of them, every emotion since the dawn of time, reflected in her face in the first photo attached.

So is all this enough to rescue Vegas?

Vegas has been in the sh-tter since Celine left. Vegas is counting on her to bring people back, for a taste of the good life the way it was during her last reign, from 2003 – 2007. Click here for a good article on how much Vegas needs the Cheese, and how the Cheese feels about being needed.

As you may know if you’ve been visiting this site for a while, I love Vegas. Vegas is my relaxation spot. We usually make at least 2 trips to Vegas a year but this year, because of the new puppy, we haven’t been able to go, and may not be able to go until 2012. Celine won’t get me there sooner, but she’ll get me when I get there, because if ever she belonged somewhere, it would be Vegas, at Caesars, in the house they built for her. Also… her fans. Like some people are straight up sobbing in the aisles when she sings.
Why would you deny yourself the opportunity for such entertainment?

Photos from Ethan Miller/Gettyimages.com