Celine Dion stepped out today in Paris to go shopping with Pepe Munoz, a dancer in her show, and her fashion illustrator who’s been sketching all her Paris 2017 fashion moments. It was rumoured a couple of weeks ago that Celine and Pepe are together. They’ve both since denied that what’s between them is romantic but it’s not like Celine wouldn’t have heard what people are saying. So, given that she’s taking him along to Schiaparelli with her and not bothering to be shy about it, it’s because there’s nothing to see here… or she has no problem with you thinking she might be getting some from someone younger and super flexible.

Whatever. Can we stop talking about Pepe now? Just Celine. Celine is enough.

I’m sure you saw this yesterday but you can’t possibly be bored of it:

A lot of celebrities take a lot of pictures on private jets. To make a point of letting us know that they fly by private jet. Celine is one of the few celebrities who will give us a private jet photo where her motivation isn’t actually to show off the private jet. The private jet here is, simply, a place to pose. The same way she poses with doors and lampposts and trees, the private jet, for Celine, really is just a prop.