So that’s what she came for. It was a shopping spree.

Celine Dion was photographed again in New York today leaving her hotel with a rack of items. And not from Topshop. I promise you not from Topshop.

It’s no secret Celine loves the luxe.

Here’s the thing about Celine though, as opposed to so many of her peers, those Mimi cheap asses who demand their sh-t for free.

Celine pays.

She makes a point of paying.

She doesn’t like the drama that comes from accepting gifts and the exchange of f-ckery that has to be promised in order to take them home. Celine is obscenely rich. She can afford anything. And so she buys. And buys. And buys.

Am dying to rip open those garment bags and see inside. Want to so badly.

Photos from Doug Meszler/ and IGNAT/