Between Celine Cheese and Mimi Cheese, which cheese is cheesier? With the release of her new video, Celine is totally gunning for the title!

Her new album drops next month, the first single is called Taking Chances – not a terribly engaging song, doesn’t suck, but it’s definitely not an anthem either. The video however is pure unpasteurised gold, complete with all the Celine signature cheese moves we’ve come to know and love.

She emotes with her fingers, she tries to dance, she even attempts a gunslinger shimmy…and of of course the leg lunge. The leg lunge is present and accounted for. I actually lifted up my fist and cheered when she leg lunged. It’s 4 minutes of total entertainment with, sadly, one missing component.

Unfortunately, Celine does NOT do the mic drop. Once thought a thing of the past, Celine has single-handedly revived the mic drop, both in Vegas and on American Idol. Click here to see her performance with Elvis. If you can get past the creepiness, it really is the most amazing duet. Her voice is magic. His energy is all sex. And the mic drop occurs at about 3:09. You will love it.

And you will also love and laugh through the video for Taking Chances. Click here and enjoy the cheese!