Recently at the SAG Awards, Winona Ryder attempted to challenge Celine Dion’s position as the Queen Of All Feelings.

Celine may have heard about that. Or maybe she just knows that most of the feelings many people are experiencing right now are full of sh-t. Whatever the reason, she has come back with a Feeling Offensive that will, if temporarily, clear the clouds.

Austin McMillan loves Celine Dion. One day, when her boyfriend, Nick Janevski, came to pick her up, My Heart Will Go On was playing in the car and she told him that, for her, Celine is life. Nick knows Celine’s manager so when he proposed to her, he was able to arrange it so that Celine, the Angel of Love, would be there too. And from this point you don’t need words to tell you what happened, you just need photos – and Celine’s face of feelings:


This next one is my favourite. Please note that Celine is LITERALLY ABOUT TO CRY AND PRAY:

After that, Celine goes from prayers of love to the PRESENTER of love:

Look at her, holding up those hands, not only to anoint this beautiful union but also as if to seal it in a protective bubble of all her Feelings. This love will be forever, because it’s been presented to you by Celine Dion.