Longtime reader Jonathan just sent me this really funny profile of Mr Chace Crawford at Mr Porter. It’s partly the way the article is written with so many... salutations. Obviously the publication’s preferred writing style, sure, but the effect is hilarious, especially when they all appear - the cast of Gossip Girl - named in a list in one sentence. If we were reading about New York society in the 1960s when Babe Paley ruled the world, it would make more sense. But in a piece about Chace Crawford from a show on The CW, it comes off more like a transcript from an SNL sketch -- an unintentionally entertaining read.

Anyway, there’s not much to say here other than the fact that he’s treated like a VIP and, not surprisingly, wants to be known for more than his work on the Upper East Side though he does have the good sense, unlike his on-off hookup Ashley Greene, not to namecheck Oscar.

The best part however is toward the end, when the writer refers to “serious speculation” that Mr Crawford is to play Christian Grey in the upcoming adaptation of Fifty Shades. Really? Fansites and message boards are considered “serious speculation”?

I don’t know if Universal and Focus Features would put that much money into the bullsh-t that goes on on fansite comment sections and message boards. For some reason, millions of women around the world have attached themselves to this character. Who actually believes the “serious speculation” that the studio would satisfy that expectation with Nate Archibald? I smell Jessica Biel. Is she around? 

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