New York last night – Chace Crawford and his always coiffed head apparently having dinner with maybe gaybe Hugh Dancy who is himself rocking some curious looking pupils. Hm. Hugh has been shooting Shopaholic with Isla Fisher… perhaps he’s totally bagged. Must be.

Stranger still – Hugh’s possible gay has been remarkably dimmer due in small part to his relationship with Claire Danes and also to his career. Leading men can’t be homos, haven’t you heard? And there is no better place to get a straight makeover than in Hollywood. Just ask John Travolta, though I’m thinkin’ he needs a few touch ups.

PS. By all accounts, Chace"s relationship with Carrie Underwood has cooled considerably. Unless you count mounting other girls (practically) at clubs a demonstration of devotion. And it"s a good thing. That bitch would have destroyed his soul.

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